Hotel de Arts and After...

Ahh... the lovely view from arola at the posh Hotel de Arts... but, ummm... we're looking at the derriere of a gigantic fish sculpture...which frankly, made me feel a little awkward and intrusive.

Blurry view of the terrace itself - atmosphere/decor/something-about-it actually reminds me of the Sky Bar in LA.

Another blurry view of the boardwalk at night (I tried! I promise, someday I will have an extraordinary camera that gets crisp night shots). 4 out of 10 accents heard: American.

So cool! There are clubs right on the beach. (This isn't actually one of them, but it gives you the idea).

Nothing particularly special about this pic or restaurant... except that it's a proper sit-down seafood place and they were still reeling in customers at 1 am. For a chronic night owl who's always chasing closing times, the world should always be thus.

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