Mi Casa, Su Casa

You can tell the owners (Tash and Matias) are interior designers... and live in the Dali/Picasso/Gaudi-influenced city of Barcelona...

The entry.

Original mosaic floor that Matias unearthed when they moved in... the building is over a hundred years old... and the flat used to be a hair salon.

Huge kitchen con dishwasher!

Neat carved wooden spice cabinet made by Matias' grandfather... with recipes written in Swedish penciled inside.

Sitting room.

Los libros.

El gato Suki.

Hiding el gato Alessi.

La vaca. (Ha ha...)

And the spot where I will be spending 60% of my time in Barcelona (behind the pink laptop)... MUST finish dissertation!!!


Jimmy Ho said...

I still think the cats are evil....

but then, maybe it is just through my evil eyes...

anne spice said...

Perhaps... but don't tell Tash. She may revoke all rights of their use for... well, that's top secret classified information - isn't it? ;)