Palau Güell

It's HOT!! So hot that outside all the dogs' hair is matted with sweat and the furry creatures are panting so hard you can see the back of their throats. So hot that I can't think inside the house without hugging the air conditioner, and I finally understand why Kasey handed me a fan she brought for me from her own BCN trip and said, "you'll want this" before I left. Ugh. Hot! I really don't think my fair-skin clad body is built to deal with such heat...but I digress.

Today I went to the infamous park designed by unreal architectural genius Antoni Gaudi... it's Wonder and Aliceland...with a Flinstone's twist. Originally meant to be a private estate (can you imagine!), it is now a Unesco heritage site. Ahh, lucky us.

Anyway, must dash. But will let the pics speak for themselves. Enjoy!

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