Strolling Without the Bulls

Plenty of proof that I´m in a sufficiently warm climate.

Just waiting his turn...

The sign over the entrance says ¨Hostel.¨ Really? Hmm.

Signature shot from the Gothic Quarter.

Ivory tower at sunset.

Parentals: Take this number down... it might help to alleviate some worry the next time I, say, fail to answer my mobile. (One time!)

Just an alley I fancied.

Taken near the cheesy area/mall where all the cruise ships dock, but it gets billing since I totally wanted one of these as a kid. It´s a trampoline + trapeze holster apparatus so that you can jump higher than you ever dared believe. I distinctly remember drawing up the diagrams and eyeing discarded lumber near our backyard. Probably a good thing I never actually attempted it.

Aha! This explains why no one is afraid of the giant lobster...

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