"I can be alone... I can watch a sunset on my own..."

These pictures are neither of a sunset (obviously), nor were they taken while I was on my own (my sister was along for this Thames-side stroll), but sometimes it's nice to reminded that one needn't have company to savor such things...

Actually, as I was enjoying this London fluffy-cloud-filled afternoon near the Southbank Centre, I was slightly admonishing myself that I so rarely get out and see the panoramas, like this view from the Thames Path, that really make London so distinctly London.

"Is it because I stay in too often?" I wondered. "Am I afraid to venture out when I don't have someone to hold my proverbial hand?"

But then I recalled that just that morning, there'd been a downpour... that London moments like this are relatively hit and miss and often far between. And that I do try and take advantage of the warm and flawless hours when they occur - with or without someone by myside.

All of which made me feel better. But still... Hmmm.

I ought to watch more sunsets.

{For those of you who'd like a fitting bit of music to accompany your own solitary strolls... this post's title is taken from a lyric in Kate Nash's song Merry Happy, a version of which you can find here.}

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