Wanted: Caretaker for Gaudi's Cats

Kasey (from Barcelona’s Bread and Butter Fashion Tradeshow):

“Hello dear sister,
I just met the loveliest couple based here in BCN, and they have two cats that need watching while they go away for a couple of weeks... Said you might be interested since you're holed up writing your dissertation anyway... They have a house near the beach....”

Ms. Spice (from London):

“Ummm… should I think long and rationally about this proposition? Probably, I'm sure, but never mind that. Tell them yes! Definitely yes! Before they find someone else!"

For better or worse, my modus operandi has always been to avoid looking gift horses with a travel pedigree in the mouth when it can at all be helped... I leave next week.

And if any of you out there have any strong or mild opinions about what I should do/see/eat/avoid-like-the-plague while in this Catalonian province - do share!

Pictures forthcoming.


Jimmy Ho said...

Carpe Diem for cocktails and snacks on the beds by the beach. :)

Sutton, Shoko, Opium are the clubs everyone knows.

Tapas bar beneath Neetasha's is great!!

Just go eat lots...that's what I'd do in BCN...

anne spice said...

Thanks for the suggestions Jimmy...carpe diem is my motto!

And given that this is the first of about seven times that you've told me to eat in BCN, I take it to be a great concern of yours...
Don't worry! I'll eat! I'll eat!! I promise I'll eat!! (Whatever veggie fare I can find that is...)

anne spice said...

Ahhh...just stumbled on it as it was closing today...Carpe Diem is a place, and here I was thinking you meant it metaphorically! Will trying it out tomorrow...

And yes, tapas beneath Tash's is fab... Eduardo (sp?) even catered to my vegetarian ways.

Jimmy Ho said...

Eduardo has an amazing memory!
He recognised me after 6 months, and knew exactly what i was wearing at the time too! freaky!

Capre D is a place, and since it is your motto, you MUST visit :)

How are the evil cats?