¨Lurking is not a deviant behavior that needs correction.¨

From: Nonnecke, Andrews, and Preece (2006) ´Non-public and public online community participation´ Electronic Commerce Research. (I assure you, just stumbled on this via my dissertation research on virtual communities, not through recreational reading).

No... not like dirty old men leering on the street... lurking is what the New Media academics call it when you regularly read a blog or a forum, but never post any comments. And I, of course, had to laugh...all my lovely lurkers out there - you are not deviant!!

BUT interestingly enough, they also say, ¨In general, lurkers are less optimistic and less positive than those who post.¨

As a habitual lurker myself, that made me think twice...(and decide I ought to change that)... while simultaneously concluding that Jimmy must be about as optimistic and as positive as it gets.


Meggan said...

I confess...I'm a deviant lurker. ;) I just get so caught up in your blog...it's a guilty pleasure! ps...I'm Dianne's friend, Meggan

anne spice said...

Hello Meggan the non-deviant!

Research shows you've increased your level of satisfaction with FWB by evolving from the status as lurker (oy - I think the academician who insisted on that term is deviant...) ;)

Anyway, so glad you like the blog! Dianne's mentioned you... Welcome!